Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Information
2. Gameplay
3. Factions
4. Races
5. Ships and Weapons

General Information

Q: What is Stellar Conquest?
A: Stellar Conquest is a Massively Multiplayer Online game that spans an entire galaxy. Taking place far into the future, several races and factions have risen to power. Humanity is no longer alone, and even more so, we are divided. Choose from one of two distinct races and three vastly different factions. Take command of your own starship and explore the vast, persistent world of the open universe. Forge your legacy through battle, business, or colonizing unknown worlds, and leave you mark upon the stars.
Q: What is the goal of the game?
A: Ultimately, Stellar Conquest is about becoming a successful member of the faction you have aligned yourself with, and using your power to further their goals. You will have three distinct methods of gaining money, power, and notoriety amongst the other members of your faction. These include fighting off enemy attacks and launching strikes of your own, transporting goods and colonists, or even governing your own fledgling colonies.
Q: Are there specific classes, or can I do all types of missions?
A: Upon creating your character, you will choose a starting career. The choices are Conqueror, Settler, or Trader. Your choice here will give you a starting bonus to further your goals in this specific field. The world of Stellar Conquest is open to you however, and you may partake in any and all missions regardless of their type. Each faction may be vastly different in their beliefs, but they are united in their need for able bodied and multi-talented starship captains.
Q: What happens if I die? Do I lose my character?
A: The punishment for death in Stellar Conquest is swift and unrelenting, but ultimately fair. Upon losing a battle, your starship is destroyed. At this point, you will be saved via an escape pod which will provide you with the means to locate the nearest Shipyard, where you can purchase a new vessel with the money you have.
Q: Does Stellar Conquest have a subscription fee?
A: No, Stellar Conquest is free to play. There are options available in the marketplace however to provide players with an even more enriched experience in the game world. These items will not provide an unfair advantage, but will instead give players the ability to expand their reach, open new premium Races and Factions for play, and more!
Q: Can I create more than one character?
A: Player slots are available and encouraged so that players can view the world of Stellar Conquest through different factions and races. A set number of slots will be available for free with the option to purchase additional slots should you so desire.
Q: Can I trade with other players?
A: Stellar Conquest features a rich and ever evolving economy. Players will be able to trade through stations that they own and manage. By placing items up for sale, other players can then purchase these items using the in game currency. Prices will vary based on availability, proximity to other stations, and various other elements. Players will be able to set their own prices which will allow the economy to grow and evolve depending on characteristics of each star system.
Q: Is there a storyline within the game?
A: Stellar Conquest is set in a rich and deep universe filled with different species, factions, and enemies. The storyline in the game will be presented through major missions in each faction, and through various side missions. The world will be presented to you as you play, but the greatest experience lies in digging deeper into the rich backstory and placing yourself into this vast and mysterious world.
Q: How do I log in to the game?
A: Stellar conquest is playable by logging in through Facebook, or through a Microsoft Account.


Q: How do I navigate the world of Stellar Conquest?
A: The player is given a wealth of information at any given moment of gameplay. The game is divided into separate screens which portray the area the player is in. To navigate, players will use the map in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Directional arrows are placed to allow the player to navigate across the various areas of the system they are in.
Q: How does combat work?
A: Combat in Stellar Conquest is composed of a real time strategic battle system. The player and enemy are on opposite sides of the screen. Attacks will occur in real time as the player selects offensive and defensive actions from the center of the screen. During battle, players may also divert the power levels to various parts of the ship to bolster various elements such as the shields or the weapon power.
Q: What’s all this about diverting power?
A: Both inside and outside of combat, players are able to access a status screen that shows what systems on their starship are prioritized to receive power from the reactor. By placing extra reactor power into the propulsion system for example, the starship can travel faster. This element provides another layer of strategic options for the player to customize the feel of their starship and change it on the fly to meet the needs of the situation.
Q: What else is there to do in the game besides cause unparalleled amounts of destruction?
A: Great question! In Stellar Conquest, players can manage and trade between stations owned by NPC’s (Non Player Characters) and stations owned by actual players. Beyond setting prices, players can buy and sell items, transporting them to more lucrative areas and trade them out with their own wares. In addition, players can also transport colonists to new worlds and establish their own colonies to manage and watch over.
Q: How do I acquire missions?
A: Missions are delivered via terminals placed in specific areas of your faction’s controlled space. Here you will find various types of missions ranging from simple jobs, to complex adventures and missions to progress the main storyline of the game. On the more involved missions, players will be given choices that will change the story and outcome of the mission in addition to modifying the reward upon mission completion.
Q: There are choices? But what if I’m an indecisive person?
A: Stellar Conquest exists in a universe where every decision matters. Everything from pricing goods, to choosing which weapon to equip will have lasting benefits and consequences. Indeed, during missions you will be faced with choices that affect multiple aspects of the game, including mission rewards and the life and death of certain characters you come across. No decision should be made lightly, and those without resolve will quickly find inspiration to become decisive in this harsh and unforgiving world.
Q: This is a lot to remember, does the game include tutorials for the various mission types?
A: We understand that all of this can be somewhat daunting, and to ensure each player’s experience and understanding is the best it can possibly be, each player race and faction includes tutorial missions tailored to their specific faction that explains in real time through mission objectives how to perform the various actions in the game. Everything from settling planets, to battling Horde, and everything in between.


Q: Factions are something you hear about in a lot of games, what makes these ones stand out?
A: The factions in Stellar Conquest each have deep and rich backstories that tie directly into their beliefs and ideals. Each faction is different, and all of them have specific goals and desires. What makes these factions stand out is how they all make excellent arguments, but their differing views invite constant warfare.
Q: Interesting, so what are the factions in Stellar Conquest?
A: The playable factions consist of the Federation, the Keth Republic, and The separatists. The first and last are human factions while the Keth republic is composed of the Keth. More information on these factions can be found in the Starpedia. Click any link below to see more information. Tell me about the Federation! The Separatists sound interesting. The Keth Republic sounds epic, count me in!
Q: The universe is a big place, are there any other factions I should know about?
A: Your ability to produce obvious facts is astounding. And yes, there are most certainly other faction roaming the stars. These include the synthetic ruled A.I Core, the shadowy Syndicate, the savage Horde, and the independent factions consisting of Corporations and Piracy. Click any link below to find out more about these factions. Synthetic, so like robots? Tell me more! The Syndicate is both frightening and intriguing. I’m guessing the Horde are the bad guys, and I like to know my enemy! Independant and business minded, I like the sound of these Corporations. Once a pirate, always a pirate. Tell me about Piracy in the game!


Q: So clearly Humans are not alone in the universe?
A: Not at all, the universe of Stellar Conquest is composed of different races both organic and synthetic. The playable races are the Humans and the Keth. Players will also encounter Synthetics, and Horde in their journey. To learn more about these races, click the links below. Humanity is always up to something, and I got to know what it is! The Keth are so cool! What’s their story? Synthetics huh, I always knew robots would take over. I’ll bet Horde are scary, time to see if I’m right.

Ships and Weapons

Q: So this game seems to have a heavy emphasis on ships. What kinds are there?
A: In Stellar Conquest, your starship is an extension of yourself. It is the vessel with which you shall exact swift and unrelenting punishment upon your enemies. It is the apparatus through which you will spread life to distant worlds. It shall hold your wares as you trade your way to riches and fame. So, yes, your starship is kind of important. There are many kinds, all with various inventory sizes, weapon and device hardpoints, and of course, status to go along with them. To view all this information and more, click the link below. Show me those starships!
Q: I don’t plan on dying out there, so what kind of weapons and devices can I use to make sure that doesn’t happen?
A: Smart question. In Stellar conquest, your ship will have access to a variety of weapons and devices that provide both defensive, and offensive strategies for you, the player. To see these items and learn how they work, click the link below. Destroy all the things! Show me those weapons! Devices you say? You have my attention.