“As humans, we were blank canvases, begging to be sculpted into something more. Genetics, our very DNA, are foundations that should be built upon. We have the tools; therefore, we must act. We must be stronger, faster, and more powerful than any other human, synthetic, Keth, or any other creatures this universe hides from our view. We do not exist to make friends or to trade; we exist to become stronger and to crush all those who would dare stand in our way!”
- Battle cry of Ouster General Fyrgoth Gormax

The Ousters were once human, but through massive genetic splicing and alteration, they have become something entirely different. Their name comes from the fact that they were exiled, or as they see it, pushed out of society when they sought to embrace the concept of genetic engineering past the simple militaristic applications of it during the Evolution Wars. Their wild theories and dangerous human trials were frowned upon by their fellow humans, and so they left Earth to find a place where they would not be bothered.

Ousters usually are found on the border worlds, far from organized civilization. They are nomadic in nature, constantly moving and constantly changing. They do not wait for natural evolution to adapt them to new environments. If a world is cold, they splice their genes so that they have a fur coat to withstand the cold. If the weather is hot, they alter themselves to have thick outer shells to withstand the heat.

These constant changes have left them deformed and grotesque. Some of them have grown new, useless appendages as a result of constant genetic mutation. They are varying from one to another, with some having multiple eyes and some having none at all. The genetic implications are not limited to simple physical appearances, though. The Ousters have developed weapons and transportation around this concept of genetic mutation. Their ships, for example, are more organic than they are metallic. The Ousters share a symbiotic relationship with their vessels; both feed off of one another for fuel and for sustenance during long journeys. During a migration, which happens once every 10 Earth years, it is difficult to distinguish what is organic and what is not. The distinction between Ouster and ship is almost impossible to see.

The goal of the Ousters is simple: total domination. They are not fighting for a cause or for an endgame. The Ousters have lost sight of their original forms. Ironically, in their pursuit of evolutionary greatness, they have instead devolved into barbaric, nomadic warriors who revel in the blood of their enemies. Whether they are insane or simply devoid of higher thought has never been determined. One thing is certain, though: if the skies of your world are suddenly darkened by a flesh-riddled fleet of Ouster ships, you had best run, for their military strength is matched only by their sheer numbers.