Hydrogen Crystal

“You wanna know how valuable hydrogen crystals are? You need two things in this life: breathable air and hydrogen crystals. Food, water, shelter – that all comes after these things. Without them, your ship would be adrift in the middle of space. When things get bad, I’d sell my left kidney for some hydrogen crystals. Only problem is that these things are so expensive that my kidney would fetch much.”
- Starship engineer

Hydrogen crystals are the main source of fuel that power starship reactors and starship weapon systems. These crystals are the most valuable resource that one can possess. These crystals are formed when raw hydrogen gas is put under immense amounts of pressure. Once crystallized, the resource can then be used in the fusion reactors that power any and all starships.

The process of fusion, using these crystals, results in the nuclei of the hydrogen atoms fusing together many times over. With each fusion, the resulting reaction releases incredible amounts of nuclear energy. The force of this energy is used to propel entire starships at speeds that approach 290,000 meters per second. These speeds are within reach of the fabled speed of light itself. With technology ever increasing, the power of these hydrogen crystal reactors begins to increase in power. This, of course, begs the question: will starships eventually be able to travel at speeds that exceed light itself? Such questions remain, and the answers are still indecisive.

Average Unit Price

12 MK