War Caster

A modern and virulent conspiracy theory amongst many members of various factions is the concept of the “Shadow Council.” This alleged council is supposedly composed of a single representative from each faction. These delegates meet in various places, and their identities are revealed neither to their own faction nor to their fellow delegates. It is said that these illusive meetings are conducted to decide major aspects of galactic life. Everything from measurement systems to declarations of war, to even the victors and spoils of said war, all is decided in advance by the council. Of course, such a concept is merely rumor and has never been proven.

Similarly to this supposed council, a building known as the War Caster is used by colonies to create a governing body that can provide both political and economic decision making in regards to a war economy for the colony. Completion of this building results in a declaration of war towards all enemies of the colony’s faction. At this point, the colony is able to do battle with the foes of their faction, and trade amongst other colonies.

Construction Cost

Build Time

1 day