Worm Holes are fascinating formations in space-time, which to this day remain a mystery. They are used as a method of transportation, moving ships across vast stellar distances in the blink of an eye. Multiple factions have begun the process of traveling through, and simultaneously mapping their paths on celestial charts. None of the modern factions or races possesses technology to create one, and therefore it falls upon rumor and speculation to assume that these literal shortcuts in the fabric of space must have been placed in their current locations by some other sentient life form. The Keth have a unique perspective on these fascinating formations.

The following is an excerpt from the Keth religious text known as the “Tablets of Honor”.

“The place where I sleep is a location that cannot be conceived. I have pulled back the curtain of the stars and taken my place outside this realm where time flows like water. In this place, there is no night or day; there is no sorrow or regret. I feel nothing as I am suspended between the worlds and the peoples that I have helped create. I sleep, and I dream of the day when I shall return to cast everything into the endless fire. There are holes that have formed. These Worm Holes as you will call them are tears in the fabric of the universe that I have weaved. They are places where a gateway has opened and a path formed across my form. I hear them, faintly, as creatures and souls pass briefly through my domain, riding upon these pathways that have appeared between the stars.

I know not how such tears have formed; I only know that I caution the use of them, while safe for a time, should not be taken for granted. These paths are hastily built and should I stir in my sleep, will collapse into nothingness once more. I cannot fathom the pain of being separated from the universe where the soul resides. Trapped in my domain, you will not dream, and you will not exist, but you will know that you have been wrenched from your form until the end of all things comes and the endless fire reunites you with your soul once more.”